04 June 2008

Aargh, Me Hearties! Food!

We had Long John Silver's for dinner last night. $49 seems like a lot of money to spend on small bits of fried-up chicken batter and a few hush puppies. But the hats were FREE!! I think the boys might have enjoyed that part of the meal the best. Patrick is looking pirate-y pensive and G is trying to escape the kitchen without his photo being taken. Today, we made peanut butter toast with apple, banana and raisins for decoration. Emperor made pirate hats and Elf has made faces. Emperor was pretty upset that the Long John Silver's company was advocating throwing some guy named "Boring" overboard until we explained it to him. Now he would like to explain the concept to everyone, several times a day, that no men named Mr. Boring were thrown overboard and that the company is not going to tell you to do anything bad... Wait. Mom, aren't pirates bad? And we're giving them money?

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  1. that picture of S is adorable. She has beautiful eyes.


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