02 June 2008

The Bow MAKES The Outfit.

Just admit it makes her face look much thinner, and you have a friend for life. Extra points for saying that it looks like it complements any summer wardrobe and that we need several different colours to coordinate with various outfits. Super bonus points if you say S is pretty. Yes, the camera came back from the shop today and I've been going crazy snapping photos.


  1. Wow, can you believe how thin her face looks because of that bow? You know... I bet that bow would compliment anything she would have to wear in her summer wardrobe. You should think about investing in various different colors. Did I ever tell you how pretty she is? Man, oh, man. Looks like the mailman... I mean, she looks just like you!!! Ha ha!

    I hope I delivered the lines good. I get super duper points. Ha. (Except for maybe the mailman comment.) Hee hee...

  2. Totally gorgeous wee girl, she will grow into dem cheeks!

  3. LOL Our mailman is a thin ol' man with gray hair and a beard!!

    The milkman, though...

    Chris, the cheeks are just the pinchablest ever.

  4. She is such a little Sweety that she should wear bows in her hair all the time.. she has the beautifullest eyes. oops I don't think that beautifullest is a word but it suits her anyway..

    cheers kim

  5. She is such a beautiful little baby. I love the chubs on her cheeks. They are so kissable!! I really like that you can put an elastic in her hair now.

    Aunt B.

  6. No, she really is cute. I was just teasing you there. Ha ha... what a little chubbers! How cute.

  7. Her face does not NEED to be made to look thinner. It is perfect the way it is. She is the prettiest little girl I have EVER seen, and that bow will clearly complement ANYTHING in her wardrobe. Oh, wow, those eyes...


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