21 June 2008

Egg Art

I told you I was cheap! The boys are still playing with some Easter eggs they got from the church egg hunt. They decided that the "Girly needs flowers" this morning and so they made this for her. Poor S doesn't really have a name. Everyone just calls her "the Girly." (Even her dad has momentary lapses where he FORGETS her name because she's "Girly.") I'm pretty sure she'll grow out of it before she's ten, but I'm not sure how. D decided to name her the SAME NAME we gave to Elf, only the girl version. So if we say the short form of Elf's name, we would probably have two children answer in a couple years. What can I say; guess we're not creative with the names. But they're all "normal," easy to spell names with the exception of Emperor. I even had a stranger once ask me why I "saddled such a young boy with such a long name." Well... what would you say to that? And it was at church, too, right in front of the boy after he introduced himself! Yes, I was nice about it. My mouth was hanging open too wide to make a reply in keeping with my godly personality.


  1. My sister and I were known collectively as "the girls" growing up. We had one brother and after a while we called him "the boy", since we were tired of not being called by our names. My little girl refers to her brothers as "the brothers." "Where are the brothers?" she'll ask. Makes them sound like a bunch of monks or something! Easter eggs always find lots of creative uses each year before I ever get around to putting them away (so that they'll be a novelty next year!) I like the pretty designs in the photo!

  2. Now the curiousity has the better of me and I'm dying to know their names!

  3. How cute!!!! I love their creativity!!!


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