03 June 2008

Elf, Reading.

Elf loves to read. You can't forget reading time during homeschool or he will remind you. He is disappointed that Lord of the Rings is a bit too difficult for him to read right now. He would like a Lord of the Rings children's book, but I haven't seen one. At bedtime, I literally need to pull the books off his face and search for more books in the folds of his blanket before going to bed myself. It's part of my nightly routine. Elf is a very calm and considered child. He likes to be near a familiar person because that makes him feel safe. Being away from home or out of close proximity to family members can get him a little nervous. Actually, it can freak him out. He calls himself a magnet. I'm used to having an Elf nearby as I attend to chores. I can't imagine NOT having an Elf nearby when he's awake, and find myself looking for him in the mornings. I start to feel incomplete without him as well.


  1. That is so sweet. I have 5 kids and not one of them is calm! I'm like, "Lord, couldn't you have blessed me with at least one?" Ha ha.

  2. Maybe kid #13 will be lucky for you!! :]

  3. Ha... ha.... ha....!

    I wish! I'm not a Super mom! lol.

  4. I will look around here for a Lord of the Rings kids book.. can't remember seeing any though! Todays blog entry has three short videos of New Zealand I thought you and the boys would like.


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