26 June 2008

Elf's Birthday Gift

I'm very glad that every year, my parents and D's just send me a check in the mail to select their gift. The children never get a gift they already have this way, and it saves on postage. This year I spent D's parents' money on a set of Spongebob books on sale at our grocery store. It was $20 for a set of about 15 books. They're very nice, hardcover books that the boys love reading over and over. I also bought two Spongebob Grammar wipe-off sets for less than one would cost at the local Office Max with my own money as well. It's actually an excellent treatment of the basic grammar concepts, with a Spongebob theme. The books I selected on his grandparents' behalf are actually well-written synopses of the cartoon episodes, complete with glossy pictures. Spongebob of late seems to be hit-or-miss, and we have missed the Spongebob movie altogether after a bad review in Plugged In Online. I'd recommend this set of books, though!


  1. Well now you are a thrifty, clever one! Happy Birthday Elf!

  2. What are the titles? I may have to pick those up for Monkey. He loves Sponge Bob but we had to stop watching recently because of some questionable things in it.


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