24 June 2008

The Girly.

Isn't she cute!? D is in charge now and does her hair Bert-style. He hates hair bows. He doesn't put frilly things on her, although there is a small bow in the front of her outfit. Nail polish, bows and girl jewelry will probably be banished from the house if he has anything to say about it. But she'll be a pretty girl anyway. See her trying to crawl? She is the only child I know with fat rolls AND dimples on her knees. Cute.


  1. She's so cute! I love little babies! She really is adorable :)

  2. After 5 sons how could you not want to dress 'S' in beautiful pretty girly clothes??? I would want to that's for sure... and anyway I bet she will want pretty ribbons and bows and insist!!! If not, I will send her some!!! Poor wee girl... she NEEDS pretty stuff, surrounded by all those BOYS!!!! Ikky things boys.... ask Brylee!!!


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