13 June 2008

I'm Signing MORE. Where Is It??

What???? You're saying "No more cake?" Wait a second. I just used my sign! You're supposed to give me what I asked for RIGHT AWAY! Didn't you hear that speech therapist about "reinforcing" my signs!?? I'm signing "MORE." I don't care that I've eaten three pieces. I just used the sign. You are absolutely obligated to provide another treat until *I* decide I'm done. Waah!


  1. Oh my gosh! That's a cute post! Poor guy! lol!

  2. My, what a lovely tantrum you're throwing there kiddo! Poor little guy. It's hard to reinforce the whole signing thing when you know it's going to wind up making him vomit!

  3. Can I say, that is one cute blog post!

    I remember when I was first introduced to the idea of teaching a little one to sign. My grandsons were so funny and ALWAYS signed more for the dessert! Thanks for bringing back some wonderful memories for me this morning!


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