08 June 2008

J "Help Laundry"

Now it takes forever to unload and load the dryer. J LOVES his new job! He even remembers the dryer sheets and cleaning the lint trap. You have to watch him because in our house, we throw our dirty clothes into a pile on the floor next to the washer, which is next to the dryer. We're trying to teach J the distinction between picking up a clean sock he just dropped on the floor and putting it into the basket, and the dirty socks three feet over we *really* don't want him touching. Flipping the laundry 'round now takes nearly ten minutes, but it's about a hundred times cuter than doing it the old-fashioned way by yourself. Elf and Emperor have the job of folding all washcloths. I put Patrick's laundry away as a matter of course as I fold the laundry on his bed and it's just easier to stuff into his drawers (located under his mattress). It's kind of a "thank you" for his putting up with piles of laundry all over his room all day.


  1. Sounds like a great job for a little kid! :)

    Thanks for your prayers for my dad.

  2. Now that is just too cute, can you send the boys to my house to help with mine now? lol

  3. That is so cute. Thanks for sharing that. I often times forget that praise goes so much farther than loud words.


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