30 June 2008

My Cat's Home Hair-Do

The cat kept leaving big, matted snarls about the house. She kept barfing up fur-balls. Once she even got poop caught in her fur, which we discovered after she rolled all over everything. She's older and doesn't groom herself as well as she used to. See my flip-flops on the floor? I can't bend down and pick them up without injuring myself. Usually I am very picky about the shoes going into the bins the SECOND they are removed. I like my floors clean. Do you like the job D did on the cat? He has officially saved us $45 by using our home haircut system (retail: $17) on our cat. We've saved boodles of money by doing the boys' hair with this system as well. Yup, all the cat fur and boy hair is all mixed up and done with the same kit. It isn't as gross as you think, because right after their haircuts, of course the boys will shower and/or bathe. No-one wants little hairs sticking to themselves, be they the cat or human variety. My kitchen is still a little fluffy and will need another going over in a moment after the fur settles.


  1. She doesn't look too pleased. Does she have eyes or is she just closing them? Well, at least it's a good summer cut.

  2. She's just glaring for the camera. LOL!

  3. When I first saw the picture, it looked like the cat had sprouted two blue "bunny ears" out of its back!


  4. What a coincidence! A bunny picture was going to be posted tomorrow!!

  5. I wonder if this is the answer to my husband's cat allergies?

  6. I dunno, but it was sure the answer to "nasty clumps of fur all over the house" for us!!

    You get a Wahl haircut thingy at Wal-mart for about $17 or so. It has attachments on an electric razor. We use the shortest nubby one because our cat has a lot of loose skin you can't see under her very bushy fur.

    Then, you can go back and just use the bare razor (you can see where the skin is better then) or just leave a little fur on for warmth. Then bathe the cat or you'll have lots of hair everywhere. This is the animal's favourite part of the ordeal...

    I don't know if the haircut set would work on David's hair, but if it does, it could save you a lot of money over the long haul.


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