20 June 2008

Want to Know Your Options?

Hey, we can help you off yourself under Oregon's health plan. It's a whole lot cheaper than doing all that expensive experimental stuff for a chance at life. How 'bout it?


What? You're insulted that we're laying out all the options available to you medically? Well, we're sorry you're so upset about it. There, there. We never meant to offend you. We're just being professionals by making sure that you were aware of allll the choices out there. Then you, the patient, get to decide. See, we're trying to enable you to select high-quality medical care, not get you all upset. Whoopsie.

Next patient.

Oh, sonogram isn't going as planned. How about we give you all your options on that child you're carrying? He has a debilitating illness or condition that wouldn't really enable him to have a life outside the womb. In fact, he may be stillborn! This isn't what you want. We can help you end the child's suffering. Hang on while I get Dr. Tiller's business card. Now. You just look him up and he will be the best option for you. You don't want your child traumatized at birth, not being in control and dying a short while after. (God help us, but no one does. I'm not making light of the horrible time this family went through!!)


“But that didn’t seem like it was best for him,” Vargas says. “I can’t imagine that I would choose to be born into bright lights and alarms and not being able to breathe, even with my mother holding me.”

Better to extract the poor child feet-first, piece by piece. Then the baby doesn't have to suffer, the parents are told. These poor parents are being sold a lie. They are in a horrible, devastating circumstance and they're being sold a lie. I'm not going to sit in judgment on these parents who are upset, confused and are doing what the doctors are telling them is best.

But I do think some "options" in healthcare should not even be on the table. Call me a loonie. I appreciate the idea of weighing all my options in this surgery coming up on Monday. I have the choice to stay home and take my chances. Not a really great choice, but I could do it. I can choose to have the surgery and I take chances that way, too, though probably not as many. I'm all for weighing options but... it just seems when I have a sick child the option shouldn't be to kill him. Even the idea of an immediate danger to the mom (ectopic pregnancy etc.) is hard for me to fathom intentionally killing the baby. I do understand there are a few extreme circumstances out there. But goodness.

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