18 July 2008

My Note to Mike Carter

Yes, I was rude, obstinate and mean in my writing. Jesus would probably be ashamed of me. I am SO TIRED, though, of these automated phone calls from his stupid campaign office. I'm sure this note will go into the "crazy lady, look out for" file. However, after looking on line and finding at least 30 other people who are hoppin' mad about this campaigner and his tactics, I think my letter is not the only one along these lines he's received:

Dear Carter campaign:

I've received three automated calls from your campaign office. NO WAY I am "registering" my phone number, name and address with you in exchange for your leaving me alone. My data is not for sale.

And do you know why I bothered registering my number on the "Do Not Call" list? It's so people "do not call" me! It should be obvious! You are peeing off voters by not only cold-calling them, but doing so with an automated system. You don't even have the guts to have a live person listen to what we think about all this on the other end of the phone.

Your first call really angered me. My autistic son has been locked in a closet on several occasions by public school officials. And you want me to believe teachers are "overworked and underpaid?" And vote for you so you can throw MY money at them?? NOT.

We're homeschooling now. Not a word from you about anything except public school. Are you pandering to the teachers' unions for votes? Just wondering. I got that phone call TWICE... you know, just in case I missed the irony of your asking me to vote for YOU because of your esteem for an institution that abused my child the first time you rang.

By the third call, in which you let someone blather on about how some privately-owned company shouldn't be allowed to be sold to one of them-thar furriners (I thought only Republicans were afraid of those? funny.), I had to investigate for myself and see who this inconsiderate clod really was.

And on your website you proclaim you're going to help stop robo-calling? HA! *AND* you want me to register give you my data so you can help? DOUBLE HA!

Please understand that most often, I have a very respectful tone to all my public servants, be they Democrat or Republican. Serving our country and our local area is a great honour and respect should be shown to those who have undertaken looking out for the rights of the people.

So far you have proven that the next Lt. Governor should not be YOU.

-- Mrs. Angry Voter.


  1. Now, of course, I realize he has my email address and I'll probably get campaign "news" until the election LOL!!

  2. How annoying! Sorry! Hopefully emails are easier to opt out of.

  3. He just wrote me back to say that he's saving people a lot of money by doing this, and he wants Missouri voters to know he'll be frugal... bleh. He doesn't get that I meant WE ALREADY HAVE a do not call list and courtesy would dictate you just extend it to political calls, wouldn't you think??

    He also wrote that he has a slew of calls coming up next week, and since I didn't give him my data he's sorry for the inconvenience it's gonna cause me. I bet.

  4. Chad: If you're here, read my new post. It's to you. :]

  5. He is a real jerk. I too have gotten his annoying calls. I remember the jerk election day!

    -- Missouri Dad


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