07 July 2008

Pumpkin Plant

The pumpkin plant is growing quite nicely by the dwarf apple tree D planted this spring. D is upset that his tree isn't doing as well. He says that it's all due to the pumpkin plant being so close by, but in truth the leaves turned black like that before we planted the pumpkin there. Some nice orange-y yellow flowers are beginning to form beneath the leaves. We've soaked the plant and tree with water today, so they should both be happy. The seeds are from last year's pumpkin.


  1. Yep the apple tree probably doesn't like the pumpkin, pumpkin is foul stuff! I can RELATE to the tree. lol

  2. You don't like pumpkin? Wow that's pretty un-American of you LOL! ;]

    Seriously, have you ever had pumpkin in pies and stuff? It's good that way.

  3. I love pumkin! Its amazing where they will grow!

  4. So do you cook it down and bake things out of it?
    I don't particularly care for pumpkin pie, but I love pumpkin bread, pumpkin cake, and pumpkin chiffon mousse. YUMMY!

  5. One year we accidentally ended up with a butternut squash growing in our yard. Not only did we get some hearty squash, it had really nice flowers too.


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