20 August 2008

Bad Hair Day!

Every day! My mom carefully does my hair in a little pony in the morning. I look so cute before 8 a.m. Then my brother tries to steal my hair doodle and EAT IT! It isn't fair that all my fashion accessories are drooled upon!


  1. Never mind the hair... is she crawling????? wow, she is growing so fast... sad... they don't stay infants long enough.

  2. Oh, S, you are too, too adorable. Never you mind the drool.

  3. Thanks!

    Yes, she crawls kind of backwards and sideways. Unintentionally. It's only a matter of a week or two before she'll be into everything.

  4. Poor baby! It doesn't get any better either. My girls can never find rubberbands because they are so good as replacements in toys for her brothers.

    She looks so cute in that little gown.

  5. Looking fabulously adorable and underfed as always...tsk tsk. ; )

  6. Super cute!

    As a kid I always lost one of my hair clips and so most of my school pix, etc., have me in mismatching clips.

    At least her hair stayed put!


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