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Can we talk about this whole thing frankly? Can we talk about race, politics and religion all in the same post? YIKES, but I'm gonna do it. Here goes:

Just as a first-off, I don't like McCain. I dislike his politics and I dislike him. He's really *trying* (you can see it in about any recent video) to add a bit of swagger to his step and "act Presidential." I don't want to vote for him. I *might,* very reservedly, maybe. But only because I dislike what Obama stands for so much. I think the video posted above is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT that the campaign now comes down to trying to motivate voters like me to think Obama's bad enough that we have to vote for (iw) McCain. We have to get off the couch and make an effort to go do something that is vile and displeasing. We may even have to wait on line at the polling place to do it. Ugh... somebody wake me up!

The arguments in the video:

(1) Obama has a funny name. Um, yes, and "Sidney" is kinda a sissy middle name. The real problem is that he has an Islamic-sounding name during a time when we're fighting militant Islam. If I were running for office with my German last name, and we were at war with Germany, HELLO, please *do* scrutinize me a little more closely. You really should. But if Obama wanted to, he could change his name legally in a month for about $400 and a little effort.

Just as an aside, let me say I don't think all foreign- or Islamic- sounding names *need* to be changed. I'm just "talking politics," and I'm doing it so frankly that I'll bet I've just offended about every person reading. But do you want to get elected? You can't show up on the campaign trail with bad breath, food between your teeth and dirty jeans. Look the part. Play the part. Polish everything. If politics is a game, that includes your wife and children. The car you drive. EVERYTHING. They don't call it "life in a fishbowl" for nothing.

And I don't think *I* would change my name to suit the American populace (they're a fickle bunch, you know). All I'm saying is that it's do-able and shouldn't be a complaint on his side any more than his having to wear a suit to impress the public. Or for that matter, his having to pretend he's a Christian. (Oooh, my bad. I went and said it.)

(2) Lacks experience. Yup. When you're compared to someone about 58 years older than you are, this issue is going to come up. I think Obama wins on this one.

(3) Doesn't look like the presidents on the money... subtle way of saying that because he's black he can't look presidential. Obama actually *does* look more presidential than McCain. He's younger, and dare I say cuter? More friendly and personable on camera? Has a wife who is less stiff and robotic in short news takes than McCain's? He has nicer teeth. He is a better dresser... so what to say about that accusation ...

My first reaction to the idea that Obama's campaign is making the racism charge against the McCain campaign was that I knew this was coming because it would put Obama at a political advantage. NO ONE wants to be seen as a racist. Especially if some of their best friends are black. (LOL just kidding, wanted to see if you were reading closely.) But a racism charge automatically puts someone on the defensive, if the offended is a member of a recognized "minority" group. Perhaps it is cynical of me to have thought this was in the works all along. Not that I like or agree with everything John McCain says and does... do I have to qualify that seven times per post? I think I do. I keep hoping that they'll BOTH lose in November, which is not very practical of me.

More on race... "Staging" on both sides of the campaign makes me barf. Here McCain is posing with carefully sprinkled black people behind him. Notice they can't all be in one place, like clumped together in a group... you know, like people normally do when they're NOT on TV? Notice McCain's never seen without a "token" or two? Is it wrong of me to notice and would McCain's campaign take "deep offense" at the idea? Come on, haven't you noticed this as well? Maybe this doesn't have anything to do with anything... but isn't that racism... making sure you have a little of this or that "kind" of person around you?? I *imagine* I would be very offended at even the thought of tokenism, were I black.

But isn't it racism, too, if you NEVER have certain kinds of folks near you... if you live in a country that is 13% black or so and you NEVER have a black person on your campaign...? Thinking out loud here.

I think race is a way bigger issue than most people want to admit, but I've been a little hesitant to blog about it for fear someone's going to catch a phrase badly written and turn it 'round... and before you know it, I'm going to be the bad guy. But do you know what? I think everyone else is afraid of that as well. I think that's why we don't have civil conversations on race. I've seen lots of NOT-civil conversations. There doesn't seem to be any polite way to talk honestly about racial problems without somebody getting angry. And I think that's a shame.

Bless you all today. :] I think I've tired out my brain with this post so I'll just hit "publish." I really need to get 'round to everyone's blogs, but I keep getting sidetracked on "homeschooling," and things like "housework." Waah.


  1. How 'bout this? Barak Obama believes it's the government's job to manage and "provide" for your children from cradle to grave???!!!
    I think that the race thing is just a red herring.

  2. Can't wait to see who he picks for his running mate. If it's Hillary Clinton, when they get offended it can be a sexism thing, too.

    I'm going to have to post sometime about "racism" and why I think it's still a big problem some other time... but sometimes in the news I see the dog chasing its own tail and have to go "???"

  3. Good job, Mrs.C. You are one of the only white people in blog land who is unafraid to talk about the silliness of some of these race issues.

  4. well done on commenting about such a controvercial issue.... I hold similar feelings on racism.... it is swept under the carpet here too but is really alive and kicking but no one says anything for fear of being judged,

  5. Well here in the deep south they do not even bother sweeping it under the rug. It is just out there for all to see. It infuriates me and I have had numerous times where I have had to leave my ILs house because of their racist statements in front of my children. the last thing I want is for them to pick up that kind of thinking.

    I have the same feelings about Mccaine. He really bothers me but at the same time I do not like Obama's beliefs on more subjects than McCain's. I hate having to vote for the lesser of two evils.

  6. I heard a conversation/debate about this very issue on one of the news stations yesterday -- Fox News, maybe? I came away feeling dispirited.

    I am also anxious to see who the running mates will be.


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