29 August 2008

Censorship in the Kingdom.

American Bedu was recommended by a dear online friend of mine. I read it, but usually get too steamed to comment. (And you thought that wasn't possible...) The comments are perhaps more enlightening than the blog, and in the past have included remarks about how the Saudis are RIGHT in outlawing the Bible because those obnoxious Christians keep going on and on about that Hellfire and damnation thing and stirring up trouble in our land... so it's a security issue, not a religious freedom one, because the people will start to get all upset...

Well, anyway.

It's an informative blog, complete with pictures. Some of the latest are copies of Glamour and the like all doctored up so that cleavage doesn't show. To which I have to say, well, that's censorship for ya, but not something I wanted to look at anyway... but toward the end of this post, some censor has marked out Piglet so as not to offend Muslim sensibilities. I keep thinking that it must be a fun job to run around town with a black marker and deface property... and get paid for it. What do you think?


  1. Mrs. C -- you have a nice and informative blog! Thank you for the link and mention. Yes, many times I feel like my posts are the spark that starts the fire!

    Best Regards,
    Carol (American Bedu)

  2. I'm gonna need your your more moderate POV in response to my latest post so be sure to come over and comment.


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