11 August 2008

!!! He's Talking !!!

He waved at his toy this morning and said "nigh-nigh" to it!! WOW! OK, hopefully he doesn't forget this word. All of you guys are going to be subjected to a zillion "talking videos" when I can get little Mister to say something again. YAY!! I know at least one of you was wondering about Lemonheads, so here is a picture of a Lemonhead for comparison. They actually modeled the Lemonhead candies after baby J. I don't know how they did that since he wasn't born at the time these came out, but you must admit the resemblance.


  1. THAT IS FANTASTIC NEWS....GO J!!! Re your comment about delivery of new applicance and TV... we don't own the new house till the 1st of September ... and we bought the items here in Palmerston North, we can't really ask the shop to deliver it to Auckland, which is 7 hours drive away eh? lol

  2. Awww, yay! Go J! Lemon Head power!

  3. Go J! There will be no stopping him now!

    The only resemblence between J and the Lemonhead icon is that they are both cute. J does NOT look like a Lemonhead. At all. Poor baby, his Momma thinks he looks like a candy commercial!

    BTW: I think I now know where the band Lemonheads got their name. D'OH! We don't have Lemonheads in Australia.

  4. Yeah! I won't mind at all watching lots of videos of him talking!

    Watch out. i bet he has a lot to say now!

  5. I hope so, Zimms.

    And yep, the kid looks just like the candy commercial and his toes are pretty tasty after his bath. Not before, though. Sorry, kid...

  6. Hilarious picture comparison!



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