12 August 2008

J Talking. Post 1 of 501,000,283.


  1. Exciting his words are clear and he is obvious thrilled with his accomplishment! Praises ~

  2. OH Mrs C, that is just beautiful! I feel like crying, J is so adorable and clever!!!

  3. I just saw this and it is so cute. I could understand what he was saying.

    Maybe he was just waiting until it was going to be clear, so he didn't need to repeat himself lots of times. LOL!

    I could tell you were super excited too!

    I was wondering if you ever run into girls with autism. I know one but it seems to be mostly boys. Is that what you find? I wonder why?

  4. The little guy looks so happy that mommy's happy : ] This is very sweet.

    See? Prayers work! I have no doubt people have been sending them your way.

  5. He's cute. My son is still cute, but now he talks all the time and in a very loud voice.


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