16 September 2008


OK, we love him, but he's weird. He told me today he'd like to marry a chicken so that his children could hatch out of eggs because that would be SO COOL. Um, you can't do that. "Well, show me where it says so in the BIBLE, Mom!" (so I did) "That just proves you can't have SEX with a chicken, but not that you can't marry one or have babies with it." Yep, I've been put in my place by Mr. Logical there for sure. I won't even relate what he said when I mentioned what a "eunoch" is. This is a family blog.


  1. This made me laugh SO HARD. Perhaps because I have a child who thinks in a similar manner? :)

  2. What an interesting conversation!

    I almost hesitate to ask- why were you discussing eunuchs?

  3. LOL, Tracey... we were reading the story in Acts about Phillip and the Ethiopian and the subject kinda came up.

  4. Hmmm ... marry a chicken! That's a new one to me... Griffin wants to marry ME! Nice boy.


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