25 September 2008

Outside Day

The boys are playing with rice and chalk. The rice in a container, with things inside to find and scoop the rice with, is supposed to provide "sensory input" for J. As you can imagine, it also tracks all over my house. I've tried to contain the mess outside and shake the children out when we come inside, but it gets inside diapers and EVERYWHERE. It's a lot of fun, though. Even the bigger boys had a lot of fun scooping this stuff up and pretending the rice is "dubloons."


  1. Playing with rice is SO good! My best friend is in early childhood education. She said playing with rice (or sand, but that's really messy in the house!) helps to develop the part of the brain needed for reading.

  2. It's like playing with sand. The kids love it, but it sure is messy.

  3. Look at Rose! OMGosh! Those cheeeeeeks! Your kids were the cutest schmunchkins ever! :)


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