20 September 2008

They'll Do Anything to Increase Church Attendance Some Places

Well, I've heard of people running by with mugs or balloons after service to make people feel welcome and introduce the pastors. I've heard of some churches giving Bibles out to people who have made a commitment to Christ. It helps them read a version the church leaders feel is reasonably free from error and whatnot.

This church is different.

Yes, friend, if you live in Pennsylvania, you can go to this church and experience something different at the swingers' church. What's really sad is that I have to wonder what happens to the old churches when they go off to die. Did the original parishoners split the church over who gets a TV in their home? King James only versus those heathen NIV-ers? Folks in the church quit giving enough, or just a lot of them die from old age? Sigh.

Well, the new "church" there is having a little trouble convincing the ol' zoning authorities they're the genuine article. One of them stopped by and claims his experience wasn't really religious enough. OK, I'll leave it at that.


  1. I think it's playing fast and loose with the word "church."

    Did you notice the name of this place? "Church for Spiritual Humanism."

    Yikes! No surprise they have orgies. It's a church that worships "self."

  2. Yeah, they're playing "fast and loose" at the church, and it isn't just with the name "church." But hey, at least they're not just a buncha hypocrites, right???



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