30 October 2008

The Artist At Work.

Woodjie looks a little tired in this short clip, as well he should. He had two therapy sessions today and was just finishing a play-doh and paint marathon as well. He enjoys play-doh very much although he seems to think it doesn't taste particularly good. Neither do the raw noodles I give him to make impressions in the dough. Wagon wheels are a lot of fun to push in sideways and look at the patterns after we remove them. Woodjie made a beautiful painting for me, although I think he enjoyed painting himself more than the paper.


  1. I need to let my kids do this more often. What a cutie!

    Nutkin loved watching this over and over. Woodjie has a fan!

  2. I think he's really tired, to keep saying "night night!" :) He is so adorable, I just want to kiss his sweet little face.

  3. OH MAN J is just so adorable! He can say Hi and Night night just fine, and I do believe he was telling you he wanted to go to sleep!

  4. He looks like he had a busy and fun day. Thanks for sharing. Have a fun weekend.


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