01 October 2008

Give Me Your Social #, Get a Pack of M & Ms Free!

Shopkeeper dude sees dark-skinned people in his store speaking Spanish! Eeek! We'd better card them for that because they don't look like they "belong" here so far from Mexico, or better yet, ask 'em for their Social Security numbers before we sell them $18 worth of plumbing supplies.

Idiot. Now he's groveling and spending $500 on charity, probably LaRaza or something so he looks good and multicultural.

"I now know that it is not legal to ask anyone for a Social Security number," Richardson said. "I would like to take this opportunity to encourage any business owners not to make the same mistake I did."

Um, yeah. But it's not a mistake if you're hiring the fellows, guy. Also not a mistake to CHECK to see if those numbers are real. (And guess what? Sometimes white people lie, too! But I'll let Mr. Richardson learn that all by himself for his next lesson.) And as to it being "illegal" to ask for a SS number? I've gotten asked all the time until recently. Has anyone ever been to Radio Shack? Those people wanna know everything.

Since you want to check out now, can I have your zipcode and mother's maiden name, please? The computer won't let me complete this transaction until you do. I just work here.


  1. Racial profiling should be illegal (in addition to requiring ss number to buy something).

  2. In terms of business, I agree with you completely. But if the cops know a white woman burglarized a store, I'd hope they stop me before they stop you for questioning LOL!


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