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Neo-Nazi Plot to Kill Obama.

Welllll... what is UP with that. I know there are some kooks out there. (wait. Is "kook" a racial term? Hang on... wikipedia... AH! Good. It's a "pejorative" for a skateboarder. I think it's safe. I'll leave it. I coulda sworn "kook" was a bad word, but I'm tired of saying "crazy" because there are lotsa nice mentally ill people who aren't so... kooky. Ok, on with the post.) Actually I'm surprised some doo-doo head hasn't thought of doing something like this before.

The thing is...

As I read this, I think something to myself. I'm wondering who these people are that join stuff like that. And howcome? Weren't people friendly enough at their local church / synagogue /mosque/ whatever that they feel like having some fellowship SOMEWHERE and those are the only pickin's left? It isn't like people wake up one day and go... "AH! The sun is shining brightly, the birds are tweeting in the trees, and I think I'll tattoo a swastika on my right arm." Something went wrong somewhere in their proper socialization. Maybe they weren't homeschooled or had all their vaccinations or something (j/k, but you get my point).

And the plot...? I mean, I'm glad they came up with such a STUPID plot, but it was still a plot. I think the people around that area need to know which school was targeted and a little about why these people have this beef against black people. I mean, I'm guessing they have one or why else would they do this? And is there anything that can be reasonably done about it by just regular ol' people?

I think regular ol' people ought to know what's going on. They targeted a SCHOOL? And which children would have been in danger? Hey, just because your kids might not go to a "black" school doesn't mean you shouldn't be up in arms (ok not literally) that this is being kept back from the public and their right to know things that pertain to their personal safety and that of their CHILDREN.

And...? Why is hardly anyone blogging on this? What does it mean if (if) Obama is elected? I mean, I hope he isn't, but I'd also like to know what to expect from people like this. Oh! For that matter, would we have riots in mostly "black" areas if he is not? I've seen other blogs say YES, but I don't know if it's like a stereotype thing or a knowledge these people have of those areas and that's why they say that.

OK, are you seeing stuff on this little news tidbit and what do you think about it?


  1. I saw that story too and I was thinking there will probably be more attempts if he is elected. Some people just can't handle a black president.

  2. Aw, most of us though can handle him just fine. Misguided people come in all colours LOL!! :p

    But I also honestly wonder about Islamic groups trying to kill him. I know he is not a PRACTICING Muslim (I'm not spreading that, no) but I hear once you say the magic Muslim words that you are a Muslim as far as they are concerned and if you turn away from the faith they can issue fatwah against you? I don't know much about it though, and none of the major news groups are covering it.

    I would be more concerned about fundamentalist Islamics than Neo-nazis or even rioting black folks. But I'm NOT SURE how well-founded that fear may be. Lack of information, I think, fuels fear in all of us.

    Bless ya Daddy Forever. And the "little" wifey too.

  3. "Maybe they weren't homeschooled or had all their vaccinations or something..."

    ! [laughing] You crack me up. I've only seen this blogged about one place else, but he was saying that Republicans are evil, and this is proof, so it wasn't a very good post [smile].

    I guess people aren't blogging about it because people recognize this isn't cool, and those who think it is know to keep their mouths shut.


  4. I think most people don't think it's cool, and they get that these were probably just a couple off-kilter people with some not very well-thought out ideas (thankfully, it didn't sound like an elaborate plot).

    But that being said, a SCHOOL was targeted. Most people have their children in schools. I mean, I have two myself. I'm not in anything close to a "black" area, but this conscerns me deeply!

    I think those people ought to know if they were in any danger. This isn't just about Obama. He'll probably be pretty safe with all the protection he has. It's the everyday guys who would be the victims of these "citizens" that I'm most concerned about. They were discussing killing a hundred people, many of them by beheading (!).

    Is it just me, or if that were to happen to upscale whites in gated community schools there would be a big howling outcry.

    SO where is it for these people? Or do you think I am being too sensitive? I hardly think I'm the sort of person who sees a bunch of racism when it isn't there. (Unfortunately, the opposite is true and sometimes I don't "get" references I should).

    I guess I don't know what to think about the story. Well, I mean besides the obvious "killing is bad" thing.

  5. It's true. There are people that are racist against non-whites. I guess that's the moral to the story here but I still believe that this is far from the norm and these are just 2 nutjobs who will hopefully get dealt with properly.

    As for exposure and media concern, there is real and widespread racism against whites as well. Not saying one makes the other okay but how many people know that Louis Farrakhan and Malcom X believe whites are devils created in a laboratory to spread evil? Malcom X is on T-shirts everywhere like he's a hero.

    Why are people not talking about this news piece? White people are afraid to talk about race, I know that. Well...except for you! Also, these guys seem like a couple of low-budget weirdos who wouldn't get too far with their plans. I don't know.

  6. Yeah, they do seem a little low-budget, but what if they were more quiet about it and just went off killing people in this school instead of going for Obama? Wouldn't you at least want to know it's YOUR kid's school they were targeting? I think too often violence and other problems in the "black" areas of town are just brushed off and not even reported in the news. Maybe it's just me that wonders WHY it wouldn't be front page news if some little kid were attacked by gang thugs because his sister owed some guy money or *whatever* but when it happened that a WHITE child was abducted by a band of drug-gang people, that was sure reported. (Remember that story? About maybe three weeks ago.)

    I guess...

    I am just wondering what real racism is. Because most people aren't the swastika type, but even I do my best to avoid "black" areas of big cities because I'm scared. I know it's not JUST race, but then I think you lump "black area" with "high crime" and it's just a small jump to link "black" and "crime," don't you?

    I wonder, though, if very similar subtle brain glitches prevent media from reporting crime in cities or if it's just the ho-hum factor. And the Obama murder plot DOES sound stupid. But is it an October plot for sympathy that it's coming out now, or is it really a danger that needed to be reported? Because dorks threaten the White House ALL. THE. TIME. and it barely gets mentioned. So why this?

    If there were any danger, the parents at that school NEED TO KNOW.

    OK, off soapbox.

  7. maybe they spoke with/protected the school and didn't make it widespread so they didn't panic children and incite more division in our country?

    I'd love to think so.

    Black children are in danger most of their lives.

    I worry that the racist backlash to Obama being elected will be that people take their anger out on average citizens. I think there is an extreme element in this country that will not be able to handle a black man in charge.

    And I must say - Malcolm X was a man of peace and integrity and did much to get young people into school and into jobs - off the streets and off drugs.

    He was often lied about - yet another example of strong black men being defiled (is that the right word?)

  8. I am not going to say much more after this 'cause I don't want to be taken wrong or get my blood pressure up but I don't believe in a racist conspiracy against black folks in this country. They are human beings too and yes, they can do wrong.

    I think we should be able to critique someone regardless of his skin color and maybe I'm naive but I don't think there would be riots if Obama got elected, I think maybe the opposite might happen. We'd be labeled a racist nation as if people can't see anything other than his 50% blackness. That has nothing to do with why I don't like him...I think a black president would be much cooler than McCain if he had good values.

    I guess I'm just tired of white folks trying to prove how racist other white people are. I don't get it. These 2 "skinheads" are not the norm either.

    I know it's not PC to say it but there are serious problems in the black community when one of the leading causes of death is that they kill one another. But rather than call a sin a sin I'm just racist, right?


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