18 October 2008

The New Invention.

Elf is very impressed by Emperor's new invention. He thinks we need to market it. It makes old toys NEW again! He was so excited to share this.

Mm-hmm, yup...

Ever get distracted and do that to your kids? I do that sometimes. One of the boys will say something like... Oh, there's this story I want to tell you about Ampinman and Baikinman and they're going to the movies again. Are you listening?


So, Ampanman and Baikinman want to go to the movies in a flat-bottomed boat like Lewis and Clark? and Baikinman ate all these cookies and then there were these astronauts that didn't think that the dogs ... well, because the dogs kept coming over to where they were in the grass and wouldn't you think that the bug was there listening to all this near the other duck I told you about three days ago and it didn't like all the noise they were making especially since MOM...


Ack! You caught me not listening again. Yes, you did.

So... I need to listen more. This invention was apparently very wonderful and really DID make old toys new again. It involves a large Lego box. Elf danced all over the place showing me this amazing breakthrough in science. You put the toy in and shake it.

Then you take the toy out.

Ta DAAAA! The toy is new again.


It used to have all this dust all over it and now it doesn't. See, mom?

Well, he thinks it's some sort of scientific process they discovered themselves. They're so cute. Emperor was SO proud of himself, inventing a thing like that. He's too cute.

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