04 November 2008

Aboard the Elf Express

Elf is pushing G all over the place. I think G might be just a little too big for this car he got for his third birthday. But no, it's HIS car, thank you.


  1. Hi! Thanks for taking pity on me:0)

    LOL, Egg got a car for his 5th birthday, you know the red and yellow little tike one's? Well it is for UNDER 5's, but I knew he would like it.

    I have a strange feeling he might be driving to work in it one day though, lol.

  2. ROFL! You think he'll pick his prom date up in it?

  3. GReat pic! My 2 older drive around in one of the coupe cars (red with yellow roof)...one drives and one sits up on the roof....

  4. Funny how they just WON'T give up the things they've outgrown! My boys kept getting into our second-hand Cozy Coupe ($6 at a garage sale 8 years ago!) even though it meant pain and discomfort!


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