06 November 2008

Because I'm High-Class.

I wrap Christmas gifts in the brown paper I find stuffed at the top of the boxes they come in. This is an "Ancient Egypt" stamping set and little book for Elf. Emperor will get a "gladiator in a box." I have also purchased a Jonathan Park CD set for Elf and Emperor just because it looked like so much fun. The little children are difficult to buy for because Woodjie throws everything or eats it, and Girlie wants to play with everything nicely, but Woodjie will take it away from her and throw it or eat it. Really. Girlie can't even have a hairbow without Woodjie chomping on it after he rips it out of her hair... The older boys want mega-expensive stuff like an entirely new game system, and that just isn't happening this year. It may be that I just hand them money and say, this much is from this set of grandparents, this is from us and this is from the other set... go buy your own gift... Yes, I am very high-class indeed. I think the masking tape just adds that je ne sais quoi... final touch sorta thing.


  1. Funny! At least your green about your giving! Teehee!

  2. lol Hey it is not like they wont rip it apart anyway.

    Why not get Woodjie some oral sensory toys?

  3. I loved getting my presents wrapped in comics growing up.


  4. I love it LOL

    it saves trees. and money.

    just make sure homeland security doesn't confiscate it. they might think 'Elf' is a codename.

    I used to decorate butcher paper with my son and use it as wrapping. It was a fun project. One year we did it in conjunction with the cards we made - I don't know if you saw my post about that - it was during election day mahem ;)

  5. Bwa haaa! Code name "Elf!" You know, the kid is called "Elf" more than his real name. Poor kid. He really DOES think he's an elf. They'd torture him for years in Guantanamo and he'd stick with that story, poor guy.

  6. VERY elegant wrapping mate! Kinda looks like mine.

  7. We do the three gifts for Christmas things -- one for the spirit {wrapped in white}, one for the child of the King {wrapped in gold} and one for the body. We wrap the body gift in plain brown paper.


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