18 November 2008

I Deal With This a Lot.

Emperor wants all the baby things. He wears bibs constantly in the house. I've found him tucking bibs up under his shirt to bring to church. "Everyone loves babies!" he reasoned. "If I wear a bib, people will like me and forget how annoying I am." Awww. I took the bib away anyway. And, yes, I heard reports later about how "annoying" he was in church, too. He has just lost two teeth and given himself a haircut. A more recent picture would be considerably less flattering. This one is from last week.


  1. Hm,but babies wear nappies & no~one thinks changing dirty naps is cute. Guess logic's not his strong point, huh? But hey, I'm the woman that owns the child tha sat on a *nest* of rocks for an entire day to see what would hatch & he was considerably older.

  2. Hey, who told him he was annoying?! He needs some positive confessions!


    My six year old son recently tied up a pillow case around himself like a diaper. I was irritated until I found out he was trying to be a sumo wrestler. See! Some grown men get away with dressing like babies!

    Go figure.

  3. I want a recent picture. They are so funny...

    Go look at recent ones of Daja's boy, Luke. The story is he wanted a Mongolian hair cut. I know the true story. :)

  4. You have to admit he's darn clever to think of getting attention by wearing a bib! Can't wait to see his haircut!

  5. Sometimes we have the same problem. The older kids would fight over something clearly meant for a toddler. Of course, when they were toddlers, they had no interest in the item they were fighting over.

  6. Ganeida, you should have tucked a plastic chicken under his bum when he wasn't looking LOL! I'm mean like that.

    Claire, is the fake Mongolian haircut entail chopping your bangs down to your scalp because you don't like hair in your face? 'Cause that's what Emperor did.

    Daja, bless you, but Emperor DOES need lots of positive confessions. He can be pretty annoying, though, too, and is constantly jumping and silly. It really bothers me that he can be literally hopping around the room and still remember what you're telling him. Aargh. He recites his Bible verses while he dances. I can do one, but not the other at the same time.

    And the Sumo outfit... looks like it would come off a little easily, doesn't it? I don't get how that's even a sport LOL!

    Chris, yeah, he's clever. You come by and give him some attention. He will tell you his life story in two seconds flat. :]

    DF, we have toys out for kids 15 to 9 months. They all want everything, all at once LOL!


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