21 November 2008

It's Too EASY.

I have taught Elf and Emperor to play Clue. Naturally, I'll act all suspicious of "Colonel Mustard" when I have his card right in my hand. Elf will about BUST because he KNOWS I have Colonel Mustard there and can't tell. I can make some offhand remark about how, you know, it's really probably that Professor Plum character we need to look out for. Because Elf is making his way to the ROOM where the murder happened. And we both know it.

Elf is mad when Emperor jumps to "suspect" Professor Plum in the next turn... pulling Elf's character all the way across the board away from the ROOM in question. I laugh gleefully. Next turn I 'suggest' that Colonel Mustard is the bad guy in the dining room, and wouldn't you know Emperor shouts his ACCUSATION against the Colonel during the next turn?

Bwa ha haaa. He opened the envelope in the next room. You could tell each card was a tragedy. NO!!! he'd yell. Then silence.



"But I got most of them right!" he smirks as he enters the kitchen again. This leads Elf to make a faulty accusation in the next turn. Nope, he didn't bother to "suspect" first, either.

This is too easy.

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  1. Gotta love family games! ours was always pinnocle. when playing 5 handed we'd always try to partner with the one winning and bring them down...muahahaha. you know it was a great game when my mom was screaming half way through...


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