15 December 2008

Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels.

With Mini M&M sprinkles on 'em. Yum! We couldn't wait until Tuesday to try this treat.


  1. Yummy! That looks like something that would be easy for the little kids to join in and help make. It may be hard to keep them from eating all of the M&M's, though!

  2. Oh, no, not really. If you explain beforehand that you can't eat while you're cooking for sanitary reasons, and make them wash their hands EVERY time they try it, they learn very quickly. We are very careful about not touching our faces or "things that are dirty" like the garbage can without washing again.

    I really think these are important skills for boys to have. Though, at this age, instead of aprons, they cook with no shirts. Sure avoids the stains. :] When they get chest hair we'll have to cover, I guess...

  3. OOOO Yum! Wish I was there to taste them.... then again, maybe it's better I'm not!


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