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Christmas Stuff

We just got this tree from our neighbour. Their house literally has about four full-size Christmas trees and I guess they were getting rid of this one. I also have literally five HUGE boxes full of ornaments, holiday stuffed animals, tree-toppers, Christmas placemats... Well, you name it. The boys are so excited. This is our first large Christmas tree. D keeps hounding me that, because I accepted this gift, ALL THE LIGHTS AND ORNAMENTS must go on that tree. Here's what the tree looks like with two strands of lights. I have about ten more strands of lights (really) in these boxes. Let's just say I'm not running out of lights any time soon.


  1. What a pretty tree. We can not have real trees in the house because the something about the tree gives me migraines for the entire month. Hubby told me to take some advil and suck it up. lol

  2. We have a fake tree too. We got a pre-lit tree last year when it was on clearance and it was the best thing for the hubby. But I do like a lot of lights.

    I still have another box of ornaments to go on our tree.

    Your tree looks very nice. That was nice of your neighbors to give you a tree. They are so expensive.

  3. Looks great!
    Can't wait to see the finished product!!

  4. Hey all five of the trees in my house are fake and I make no apologies. I have a thousand lights on my 9 ft one and I make no apologies about that either. LOL

  5. WOW, Mrs. D.

    And Lisa... I thought I was done! LOL! The boys have made some paper snowflakes for it too.

    Cajunchick, your dh WAS kidding... I hope.

    Zimms, bet when they sell these trees I wonder if they make more than half their sales AFTER the season. Because it seems everyone else tells me they buy their trees after Christmas, too.

  6. Lovely of your neighbour!
    C cant cope with trees - as they should be there!!

  7. If he wasnt kidding he would be talking in a very high voice right now. lol Yes he was definitely kidding but he really does miss his real trees.

  8. Casdok, I hope they haven't set up a tree where he lives, then.

    One thing that bothers me about hospitals and the like is the Halloween decorations. I mean, if you're sick the last thing that you want to see are depictions of the undead and stuff floating around with ghosts...

    So I know that feeling of "shouldn't be there" pretty well, too.

    Woodjie loves the tree. He wants to paw it all over, too.

  9. I LOVE your tree! Our trees have always been artificial. There is something so sad about a 'real' tree after the big event. This year, Mollie decorated the tree while we listened to Christmas carols and I wrapped presents. Darren contributed by pouring the glass of wine! It was very pleasant. Do you do Santa at your house? Mollie informed me last year that she no longer believes :( Hope she doesn't stop believing in JC!

  10. I love that tree! I really wanted a tall skinny one lke that, but the selection over here in Japan is rather limited. We have a tall fat one instead.

  11. cool tree!
    and tons of decorations
    looking forward to shots of the finished product :)

  12. What a gorgeous tree! We prefer artificial . . . less mess . . . and it's has built in lights. . . less hassle!

  13. What a nice tree and your boys will be able to cover every inch of it with the ornaments. :-) I love real trees but we've had a artificial tree for 21 years and it has worked well for us. We will put up our tree this week-end.


  14. Looks like I'm going o have to acknowledge the Chrismas season has arrived. *sigh*. We do artifical as real trees grow too big for the house [no cut ones here] & the cat steals all the ornaments.

  15. Very pretty tree. When I get home I'm going to get ours up!


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