22 December 2008

Elf Pants

I just took a pocket off another worn pair of pants and sewed it onto the knee that had torn. The old-fashioned iron-on things, I can never affix properly. Plus they kinda look... 1970's-ish. And I've already lived through the 1970's, though I do NOT have a rotary phone to prove it. Elf's biggest Christmas wish is for a new "elf outfit" so that he can get a promotion at the Keebler factory. I'm concerned that if I were to sew him one, he would never wear anything else. The last outfit he outgrew when he was six. He would INSIST upon wearing it everywhere, including to school to show his friends that he is a genuine elf. (Yes, he would. And he was barely too big to pick up and bring, but not so big that the school wouldn't call him as truant if he didn't show up. Funny how that works.) I asked him where he would wear the outfit and he told me he would wear it everywhere, including to church...! Well, we have enough problems there, kiddo. But D says I should consider making him an "elf outfit" anyway, since it is so important to him. And now that he's homeschooled, he can wear it to school! When you're nearly nine, though, do you usually wear "elf outfits" to social functions? I mean, if you don't celebrate Halloween.


  1. I tried to come up with a formula for letting him wear the elf outfit in specific places, but came up with nothing. So, have fun! I'll betcha he'll be the cutest little elf in all the world. :)

  2. Think yourself lucky dearie I'm struggling with Mario outfits - I think I need a new thimble or maybe I could just steal an elf to help out.

  3. I'm imagining all sorts of icky things a 9 yr old boy could fit into an extra pocket...frogs, beetles, worms.

    My mother bedazzled a long-sleeved t-shirt when was 9. Perfect row upon row of rhinestones. I don't think I took it off for months. Oh, child of the 80s.

  4. If it makes him happy, why not? I say make him the Elf suit. MERRY CHRISTIMAS TO YOUR WHOLE FAMILY XXX


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