01 December 2008

G's Wrestling Photo.

OK, so it's a picture OF a picture, and the bottom half is cut off because it has "SCHOOL NAME" emblazoned on the left leg. And the white sparkly stuff is my flash going off. But leave a comment and tell G he's lookin' good! He just joined the team and is 5 ft 10 and a whopping 130 pounds.


  1. Looks like G is ready to pummel a few villains. It's clobbering time!

  2. 5ft 10 ??? That is taller than me !!!!!

    Yes, G is looking good and congrats on making the team.

    Look out Hulk Hogan

  3. The great thing about wrestling is the weight class. You do not have to be a big brawny bruiser to be a wrestler.

    Looking good!

  4. Looks like he is getting some muscle in his arms too! I hope he wins a lot.

  5. Lookin' good, G.

    I wouldn't want to wrestle you [smile]. I'm glad I stuck with swimming.



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