18 December 2008

Stupid Flash.

Well, there are flowers under that bright light. Just pretend I took a good picture of this book because I'm too lazy to redo it.


  1. Uh~huh. I know what hollyhocks look like so I can do that. ;)

    Hey, I lost a post of yours too. Something about marriage & divorce. The page won't come up.:(
    Did you take something down before I got there? I do come & read every day you know. Don't always have anything to say & the time zones make me erratic but I am faithful. :D

  2. It's a cool pic! Artsy fartsy like the flower has some major part of the story...

  3. Ganeida, yes, you're right! I couldn't get the video to embed so I pitched it! :]

    PS They show you how to make a hollyhock doll in the book too. Or you could use a lollypop and tissue paper LOL!

    Mrs. Knifton, yup, the flowers are the big part of the story. She remembers her mom!


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