19 December 2008

These Gay People Make Me Nervous!!

Well, mostly in how the guys pictured here wield their knives and stare at the camera at the same time. The other stuff I guess I chalked up to "targeted marketing." No doubt if the Campbell's Soup people were advertising in the official Christian Cult Compound magazine (you know, the secret one we all get each month?), they'd picture 12-year-old HannahGirl Smythe and her 36-year-old husband Joe... and the other 15-year-old wife, Giselda Smythe... and the other 14-year-old wife, JessykaAnn... and their 28 children enjoying a mega casserole.


I've got to say that gay advertising isn't the first thing I think of when I think of Campbell's Soup. I use it in all my tuna casseroles, and Elf would be doing the dance of celebration if we started boycotting the stuff. :]


  1. Ah, did you click on the comment section to ask me what I'm doing reading a "gay magazine?" Did you?


  2. No, I'm assuming your reading is as random as mine is. But I'm with Elf: Boycott the seafood! ;P

  3. I'll never understand that kind of targeted marketing. Like, doesn't chicken noodle soup taste the same, whether you are gay, straight, or Venusian?

    I remember reading in Dave Thomas' autobiography about how he wanted Wendy's advertisement to focus on THE PRODUCT. Who cares about all the sexy people eating it- tell me about *the food*.

  4. Yep, and I've seen McDonald's advertize in "black" publications. Because, like, black people go eat food too.

    Imagine that!


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