08 January 2009


This is the kind of thing I see all the time. Emperor is the only person who can jump and do math at the same time. WHILE he is doing a running commentary and giving away all the answers to Elf. He really doesn't realize he's doing it. The humming. The flipping of his legs in the air during English. (Why do you keep doing that?? I don't know. Well, wouldya QUIIIT? I'm trying!) Unfortunately, the boundless energy doesn't always translate into a clean room or a great job on repetitive tasks like stirring cake batter. But he is awfully cute. I think we'll keep him.


  1. Wasn't Einstein a real slob?

    I think I read that somewhere.

    One of the best teachers I ever had - he stepped into my life when my home life was at its worst - used to rock back and forth at the blackboard - just slightly but noticeable.

    He was brilliant and kind and often voted best teacher.

    I hated it when some of the parents judged him but us kids always spoke up - the wonder of a child's open mind.

  2. That is cute [smile].

    Keep him!


  3. Wish I were that limber. ;) Too cute

    I'd keep him

  4. siggering here. Ditz was never that bad but I have a friend whose son used to do all his reading upside down in a box [with a running commentary as he read] & wagging his feet about. I could never concentrate through that! And keep him. You'd miss him if he wasn't there.

  5. Mrs. C,
    You're school day sounds lovely. I miss that my "learner's" are all grown up. What a fun day and the bread looks awesome, too bad it didn't taste good! Love your writing and the way you are so real with your beliefs and how you write about them..so I have no awards to give out, but a pat on the back for honest kind genuine writing and thinking!

  6. Great photo! True transparancy here!

  7. Well, it's reassuring to know that my daughter isn't the only one behaving like this when she's "studying!"


  8. Dianne, I'm pleasantly surprised to hear that about your teacher. I can't chalk up Emperor's sloppiness to brilliance, though. He'd love that excuse wouldn't he!?

    Luke, I think we will. Been praying you get your kiddos very soon.

    Kathy, he does NOT get it from me. As a child I had gym teachers marvelling at how INflexible I was.

    Betty, thank you so much for that genuine compliment! I can't tell you how much it warmed my heart to read that.

    Pam, yes, this is Emperor just being himself LOL!

    Eileen, hey, as long as she knows the facts after I guess it's all good. :]

  9. OH, I forgot to say Ganeida that I can kind of tell your children are on the less typical side when I visit, but I always look at how wonderful their lives are and how *good* that is. Such amazing scenery. And the course electives you give just sound so inspiring. :]

  10. That is funny. Is he actually jumping or is he just sprawled out? It's hard to tell. If he was jumping, it' would've been neat to squat down for the picture to see how he "caught air".

  11. I think your Emperor has stolen my yoga tape.


  12. Virginia, he's relaxing on the bed. Looking at A's pokemon yoga tape. :]

  13. Ouch. I do hope if anyone ever finds me in that position they call the ambulance right away!

  14. That is how my daughter was... exactly she is still like that alot of the time, I can't get a good picture though because she is usually beneath a blanket. (There are blankets all over my house.)


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