23 January 2009

I WIN!!!

Yup, I walloped a small Elf at Battleship. But look at how *very close* I came to losing. Yes, one of the boats is missing, so we just each play without it. I was trying to show this to D and he was busy and told me just to blog about it so he can look at it later. Sigh...


  1. Ha! Now that is funny! Marital communication that happens only through blog posts! Hee Hee!

    Next you'll be leaving a blog post to ask him to take out the trash! :)

    Oh! Congratulations on the win!

  2. Did you know my husband and I met over the Internet? We communicated electronically for over a year before we met. We communicated electronically for another year before we married. Writing is our favorite communication tool.

    And, my mom is now a reader. She called me the other day. She hadn't heard from me and I hadn't blogged.

  3. I love Battleship.

    My favorite to beat Silas on is MONOPOLY!

  4. We used to play battleship a lot too. But then most of the pieces got lost.

    I love playing games. Just a slightly competitive streak.

  5. Oh, you won !!!! I usually don't. lol.

    And Hubby and I communicate best by email.


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