15 January 2009

Let's Check the Schedule!

Woodjie has a schedule on the pole in our family room. It's attached with sticky velcro. Usually I will put only one or two things on the schedule and tell Woodjie "ball time" and stick the icon back on the pole before beginning. His speech therapist also has little schedule icons for things like playing bubbles and reading books. I use sticky velcro on the sides of the pole to hold all the icons we're not using.


  1. Awesome! Samuel has had a visual schedule for a few years now. I have a binder with pages and pages of "icons"! I have pictures of it posted on my blog somewhere. How does Woodjie like his schedule? Using one for Samuel has made getting through our day so much easier!

  2. I think I need one of those schedule poles! Maybe then I could keep on task?


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