16 February 2009

Free and Appropriate Public Education?

This man is an anti-Christian, bigoted, pompous ass. The state is now questioning the sincerity of a couple's religious beliefs. The state can now force parents to pass some sort of theological test as to where the vaccination "comes from" (God or the Devil) and ask them to answer whether God can make a rock so big He can't move it. Whatever happened to the separation of church and state? Liberals seem to be pretty big on that one. Well, until someone in a church happens to vote some way they don't like. Or until someone makes a parenting decision they don't like. From the comments: "like the Inquisition in reverse" and "Why would you have to believe in the supernatural to be able to be exempt from vaccination anyway?" Why, indeed.


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  3. Saw this one someone's blog a few days ago. I would not have sat there so calming answering those dumb questions!

  4. Agreed on the pompous ass. :)

    Again we discuss how we safely protect our children in our culture without enfringing on parental rights and beliefs..it's really a tough question and one that should concern both liberals (like myself) and conservatives. I don't think it's a conservative or liberal issue. I think at times you would find both ends of the spectrum represented all over this issue. I was a foster child, raised in both good foster home and a bad one! The state needed to protect me, because my parents failed miserably at it..and trust me, they did! I'm certainly glad the "state" was there to rescue me, when no one else did and there were family members who could have, but chose not to get involved. So..who safeguards the children when family refuses to do so or has such misguided intentions, such as the recent Nazi skin heads who named their son Adolf Hitler? I mean, really? We want to hate the state for interfering, and I don't want them to come to my home and mess with my children, but...what about the child who is sexually molested or burned with cigarettes or receive no health care...none because the parents believe God is protecting their child and that doctors are out to harm them. I mean..what do we do then?

  5. 13-year-old Young Son and I heard part of this 20-minute NPR interview with the editor-in-chief of BeliefNet dot com. Fascinating and relevant to this topic. He's researched and written a book titled, "Founding Faith" about the truth and myths of religious freedom since the first colonial presence on our shores, 150 years before the Constitution.

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    And hopefully I've answered most of your questions in another post, Betty!


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