08 February 2009

If You Give a Mom an Hour...

She'll want to clean and organize all her stuff for homeschool. While she's organizing, she realizes that there are several things that can be put into storage. She runs downstairs with these items and takes out several boxes of homeschool items so that everything will be stored in the proper box. While she's digging through books and papers, she sees the laundry out of the corner of her eye. This reminds her that the laundry has to be done. She begins to do some more laundry, but taking clothes out of the dryer reminds her that there are large, bulky items from Sam's Club that need to be put away properly or she'll twist her ankle again. These need to be carefully organized by product type and expiration date... Oh, nevermind. I stacked all that stuff quickly, threw some laundry into three different piles, boxed up old stuff willy-nilly and returned to find Emperor had squirrelled himself away with several homeschool catalogues. He would please like ALL the stuff in the catalogues, because he just can't decide what he likes the best. We have room now, you know. Yes, he is my son. I tell him I've already thought of that idea first.


  1. YES, Huggies boxes are actually ideal for storage. They're big enough to hold STUFF but small enough that I can still lift them. And, they're pretty good as far as boxes go.

  2. Emperor thinks like me. I can never decide from catalogues so need to order everything because I just can't choose. *sigh* If only it was all 1/2 as good as it looks in the catalogue!

  3. lol, you and I must be twins separated at birth you know. I organise and tidy in a similar fashion.

  4. Ganeida, I'm more of the "if only I could get all the curriculum done in a year" type. I keep "supplementing" so the children will still be doing their third grade stuff while packing their bags for college...

    Widdle Shamrock, I'm suspecting that your house is as clean as mine, then. :p

  5. I'm an organizer. I am not a cleaner. This is why there is a sink full of dirty dishes but a cabinet of DVDs in alphabetical order. Glad to know about the Huggies boxes. I usually beg empty wine boxes from liquor stores.



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