09 February 2009

Ready, Set, GO!


He loves to take whatever I'm using. I was *going* to sweep the kitchen after dinner and Woodjie had the biggest screaming/crying fit you've ever seen. I had to figure out that he was very upset that HE didn't get to use the broom as well. Pencils are another fit-provoking item as are vacuum cleaners and coffee mugs. Woodjie LOOOVES coffee with lots of cocoa mix stirred in.


  1. Oh goodness he is adorable adorable adorable! That sweetheart can come sweep my floors anytime!

  2. Love the orange and black outfit. My school's colors. Go Beavers!

  3. Stacey, he'll be happy to help you out there.

    DF, um, you have the school on the brain because his outfit is red and blue LOL! Go Spiderman!

  4. Awww once again he melted my heart! Such an adorable wee boy.

  5. Yeah, he's cute, but he's kinda high maintenance. :]


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