06 February 2009

We're Expecting!

And due in November! It's going to be another boy. And Emperor would like the name Waltson. Isn't Waltson a great name, Mom? Then, when he is older, he will be a doctor. Then, instead of calling him MISTER Waltson, it will be Mister DOCTOR Waltson.

But... one problem. I'm not pregnant. Emperor, where are you getting this thing that the baby will come in November?

Math. You just add nine, because February is the second month, plus nine more, that makes November!

D always says you can't argue with a crazy person.

Of course, Emperor is the guy that really makes listening to stories hard because he's such a realist. Take King Midas. Emperor wants to know why his internal organs didn't turn into gold. I mean, why wouldn't they? he asks. If your hand is touching your arm, and your arm is touching your body, then, all your guts will turn to gold! And why don't his feet turn the ground gold?

Oh, wait. And the ground would turn the trees gold. Then the SKY would be gold!

Mom... I'm not sure that this is a true story. Did this really happen? Yes or no.


  1. Oh I was all excited for a few moments! When I was just a little younger than your Emperor, I was absolutely adamant that I wanted an older (I'm the oldest) brother named Christopher who wore blue overalls. For months, this was all I talked about. My poor mother eventually got my a big lifelike doll, sewed a pair of blue overalls, and presented me with Christopher.

  2. We were excited for a brief moment over here! You know if you really do try to anounce you're pregnant we're not going to believe you. Boy you cried wolf!


  3. Oh goodness, what a shock! I was thinking, "Oh my how wonderful but my goodness shes going to have her hands full!" Just as Im getting all excited I read that isnt true. What a let down. LOl Your son sure has an imagination! What a cutie!

  4. I'm quite relieved you were joking! Not that another baby wouldn't be wonderful.... but I am still trying to remember the first 6's names!!! lol

  5. I skittered round this post for an hour ~ excited but thinking 'oh my! Another little one!' But imaginary kids are definitely fun ~ especially ones named Walston.

  6. LOL! What an amazing kid. Is it possible he knows something you don't? :)
    I have to say, I'm kind of disappointed that you're not expecting.
    If he doesn't cope too well with King Midas, how does he cope with the Bible?

  7. Good grief woman! Don't do that to me! LOL!

  8. Now, wouldn't it be freaky if three months from now you learn Emperor's prediction came true . . . Twilight Zone . . .

  9. A, I would be very disturbed if I were presented with a plastic "brother." It could be me next.

    Daja, I'm glad you were excited for me. That's a gift.

    Mrs. D, I feel the same way. It would be nice, but a lot of work. And I'm already doing a lot of work. *wow*

    Ganeida, he can keep imagining. But my imagination isn't so great as to name my kid Mister DOCTOR Walston. LOL

    Tracey, he has some... um... theological issues. He and Elf had this plot to steal God's brain a bit ago until Elf realized that stealing would kinda violate one of those commandments. D'oh! I guess that was the only thing stopping them.

    Jealous, were ya, Lisa? :p

    Tammy, if that happened and it were a boy, I still don't think I could name my child Mister Doctor Waltson. :]

  10. I just love how kids think....and hey you never know about that baby coming.....Feb. isn't over yet...he he.

  11. My first thought was that poor baby S needed a little sister not brother.

    then I actually read the whole post. your boys are so funny.

  12. Oh good night! You got me! Hehe, what a cutie he is.

  13. I was really getting excited for a second there! You got me. (Tell Emperor that I'm glad I'm not the only one who's wondered that about King Midas!)

  14. I think a baby is a great idea. Girlie needs a sister! :o)

  15. Made my day! Kids have such a wonderful imagination!

  16. You got me. I really thought you were pregnant there.

  17. Well, I was also rather excited for a moment there [smile].

    And Doctor Waltson would be hilarious [smile].

    And, yes, Midas does seem to have some issues with historical viability [smile].

    Good stuff.


  18. Oh I love your boys thinking.

    And mean Mummy not having another baby, lol.


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