22 February 2009

Woodjie and Woodjie Jr.

I still think they look like little twins, but D doesn't see much resemblance.


  1. That's a cute picture even if they are not twins in real life.

  2. Obviously fraternal, not identical. :)

  3. That is sweet! I see that he is in a bed. Does that mean that things are going better on the sleeping front for him? Didn't he want to sleep on the floor in the living room with your husband while you slept upstairs?

    I love it when they are asleep. They just look so cuddly. His cheeks are so cute.

  4. Get outta here! The real live one is much cuter. I love that baby sleeping pose -- too adorable!

  5. DF and Ganeida, I think they look just alike, though LOL!

    :] Thanks, Chris!

    Zimms, he sort of is in a bed. You have to sit with him until he falls asleep or he won't stay in it. So D sleeps in a couch downstairs, I sleep in a room with Woodjie, and S has the entire master bedroom to herself. Someday I sure hope that changes, but at least Woodjie is in some sort of bed!!!

    LOL Sue I had to take the pic because they were both in the same position.


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