25 March 2009

Fun in a Box Part I

The baby mosh pit. Demonstrated by Woodjie and Rose. Woodjie has figured out how to topple the box, but he is surprised and upset when it happens.


  1. Woodjie always gives you the biggest smiles! S AKA Rose, Is a doll.. Look at how big she has gotten.. Must be nice after all those boys to have a little girl in the house!

  2. Thanks, Shelly! And yes, S-Rose seems to have grown a LOT just in the last few weeks.

  3. I love the dishwasher box photos! We had to buy a dishwasher when we moved into our current home. Marissa used the box as her sensory escape until it was just almost in shreds. Now she uses the bathroom...

  4. Great picture. And I support your move to "Rose" ... makes it easier for me to remember who you're talking about [smile],


  5. A, she has the 'do. But when her hair is out it's terribly uneven as it has never been cut.

    Ugh, Julie, I have enough trouble with *my* bathroom, and I have boys...

    Thanks, Luke! I hate change, but since S and Elf have the SAME NAME (boy and girl version) it is confusing to everyone here, too.

  6. Ahh. I know what her name is now!
    :O) .. My little cousin has the same name as little miss S-Rose..


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