24 March 2009

New Dishwasher.

We just got a new dishwasher today. I haven't even tried it out yet, but *had* to have the box for creative projects. Just think of all the great fine motor coordination Woodjie is getting right now. :]


  1. and he s also perfecting his interior design skills!!

    is that purple? if so he can decorate for me anytime! my favorite color

    congrats on the new dishwasher :)

  2. I will send Woodjie by your place with a snack, an extra diaper and a box of markers for an afternoon. You'll both have a great time! :p

  3. AWESOME! A new dishwasher and a new toy (the box)... yaaa!

  4. OOoooo, I am jealous. I want a dishwasher.

    Your kids are so cute. I can see the family resemblance too.

    I am a purple fan too.

  5. Chris, the kid is fun to play with, too. :]

    Widdle Shamrock, I know of at least one other blogger who has posted her own picture as "the dishwasher." LOL

  6. I hope it's a quiet one. Our washer is very noisy so we rarely use it. Someday, our kids will all take turn washing the dishes.

  7. Hi Mrs C
    What an adorable picture! Seems he had a great time! He did not only stimulate his fine motor development, but also got lots of spatial orientation input.
    I hope to get a new dishwasher soon and will keep the box for my two grandchildren!
    I enjoyed catching up on your blog. The post about hating school is really sad - what's even worse is that is often the case all the world over.

  8. There isn't anything more fun than a big empty box.

    What a great toy for him. Yeah for the dishwasher too.

    I just cleaned ours out yesterday and am pretty sure that the kids never rinse the dishes.


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