20 March 2009

The New Way I Wear My Shirt.

I'm overjoyed that you can't do much about this. You can straighten it up for me, and I'll flip my head right back out of it. It's what allll the kewl two-year-olds are doing with their clothing. That, and putting CheeriosTM into our diapers so that our sister can't eat them, but Mom won't blog about that.


  1. He is awful Cute isn't he.. :O)

  2. Too cute...I remember mine doing that all the time. I love the smile...what a cutie.

  3. Cheerios? David did the same thing with peanuts. Gross!

    He is a doll!

  4. Oh my, he is *very* pleased with himself!


  5. Well sure, I can easily see that becoming a fad!

  6. Looks like on of those jacket things that we wore in high school to cover up the fact we were wearing tank tops which weren't allowed...

  7. I am sure I have said this before, but that kid has the best smile! He really does look pleased with himself.

    This may not be just a stage, though. A certain nine year old "bouncy" child of mine is always doing something weird with his shirt. You can often find him with sleeves dangling, hands tucked inside his shirt. It is very disconcerting to try and hand something to a person only to have the receiving hand come at you from under the bottom of the shirt!

  8. Yeah, I think he's mighty cute and clever! :]

    Oh, Mrs. K, I just now realized those little jacket-y things you're talking about. LOL because I'm about 18 years older than you are and have never worn any.

    Sue, I hope that *this* is not the look we'll get this winter. It gets COLD here!

  9. PS Sue, you go ahead and tell me every day how cute he is and I'll agree with you. :]

    And Mrs. Darling, unfortunately, it's a *big fad* here.

  10. Oh my gosh, that's so funny!

    Garsh, I feel like I haven't been around blogging forever! I've been soooo busy and just trying to figure things out right now. It's just a tad crazy. So much going on and I can't even blog about it. It's frustrating.

    I'm glad your kids are cute as ever so I can come here and read all about it. :)

  11. What a wee Darling, I just love his smile, it melts ya heart.

  12. That's a shame, Virginia, because I want to talk about it a LOT, too.


    Chris, he looks like a good little boy, doesn't he!?? Ha. He's a climber. And he throws things. The cute thing is a survival tactic. :]


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