12 March 2009

Next Time, Ask for "Heaven-P!!"

Because calling on the powers of Hell for assistance is just wrong. Thank you, Emperor, for amending the English language so that it contains no words of possible offense. :p


  1. Okay, I had to think about this awhile but I finally got it! Heaven-P instead of hel-P! Sometimes our little black and white thinkers are very, very clever.

    I have convinced Marissa (and I am working on Beverly) that you cannot make up your own word or spelling rule. You simply cannot communicate if you are doing your own thing.

  2. Thank you, Julie. I was not clever enough to figure that one out [smile].


  3. Ohhh, took me a few minutes to get that one! What a clever Emperor.


  4. I didn't quite get those words, but I think I did get the idea.

    I read a book on meditation a few years ago and have always remembered one comment I read in the book. The author was reommending that one method of meditating is by focusing on the name of God, and repeating it to one's self over and over.

    He said that some people questioned the benefit of doing that. To explain his point, he pointed out that suppose someone were to concentrate on the name of the devil, and kept repeating his name over and over. Hardly anyone would not agree that this practice would not be beneficial, and would be quite harmful to one's self.

    Therefore, by viewing the opposite, we can see that repeating the name of God over and over can be a very beneficial form of meditation for some people.


  5. I kept reading it over and over - certain I didn't get it because of what a heathen I am (hehehehe) -

    bless Julie for commenting right away :)

    what a clever kid

  6. Does he also think that we should say Heaven-O when we greet a friend? Flying away now in my imaginary heavenicopter.


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