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Organizing for America? (What is "America?")

"For anyone who questions why the president has authored this plan, these pledges will be the answers. Because the American people demanded it. The pledge canvass will also be the first step in growing our movement and building a nationwide network to support our agenda for change. This is just the beginning for us."

Guy in a brown shirt (no irony there?) tells us that Obama/America/the Fatherland/ whatever needs these "pledges." Because the PLEDGES are the answer to "anyone who questions" the plan. So the questioners should sign the pledge. And give their email addresses and personal information.

And the people are "demanding" Obama's agenda because they signed the pledge. No one would be, say, a little scared when bunches of people from a pseudo-governmental organization showed up at their homes and asked them whether they support the current administration. No one would, say, be a little scared that this might be the year they get a tax audit if they don't.

I'm telling you, the idea of an entire cadre of these people swarming about my neighbourhood is a bit chilling. I'd rather have ten visits from my local Mormons AND the Jehovah's Witnesses AND the stupid (name) for Mayor campaign visits we've been getting of late, than see this happen.

Who are these people, anyway?


  1. But I'm just an overreactive paranoid anti-Obama lunatic when I say that our country is well on the road to ruin.

    I hope they don't show up at my door. I'll risk audit before I pretend to be onboard with this stuff.

  2. I happen to be one of "those" people. I belong to my local Change group, in fact I was one of the organizers. We are a varied group of individuals, (none of us wearing brown. :)), who have formed a volunteer organization to identify certain areas of need in our community and to recruit and work on that project. Whatever project each group decides to do is completely their own choice. Ours is a local woman's and children's shelter and doing some work at a local senior citizens center. No ulterior motives. Yes, all of us are supporters of Obama's presidency, but we don't chant Heil Obama or blindly follow his orders or anyone's orders. There's lots of conversation amongst us on which policies of the President should be accepted. None of us agree completely. We are not one minded or blind followers. I question but do support for the most part most of his agenda at this point. I think the budget is too big, a lot of it he inherited from Bush, but no doubt he added some things that can be cut. I would assume that is part of the normal budget process, Ask, see what you can get, and then adapt.

    People trust this President because he continues to tell us the truth. He told us what he was going to do during the election and he continues to do just that.He was elected, he has a lot of support and trust and we'll continue to watch, wait and see what happens. No conspiracy yet. :)

    I'm not for sure what frightens you about a group of volunteers organizing to do volunteer work in their communities..or even to support their choice for President. Is it the numbers? Because Bush had his group of blind followers also...churches full of them, my own included! :)

  3. I guess my deal is that I didn't need a president to come along and inspire me to do what is noble and right. I have already looked around my community and joined the Meals on Wheels group (which my differently abled daughter helps me deliver). I have spent years encouraging parents of autistic children to find what works for their child and not to blindly follow any doctor or so-called expert. I have spent years helping homeschoolers to get the courage to make the educational choices that makes sense for their family. I have given to charity for years and my son and I sponsor a child through Compassion International.

    So, I am suspicious when a charismatic leader with a cultlike following starts implementing socialism in my country . . .

  4. Terry, I'm more than a little nervous about it, too. Not that they'd get much in a tax audit. The government seems to think we're poor even though we eat more than once a day and are able to heat our house.

    Betty, I'm seeing a blurring in this president between his office and himself and the nation. Even before he was elected he had official seals and that kind of thing. Now that he is in, he has a "change" website AND a website with his name AND an army of people who are "Organizing for America." I think there will be a lot of old ladies confused when they see the Obama symbol on some of this stuff, that it is official government business. I myself am not entirely sure where this line between support for "Obama" and support for "our nation" really is in the minds of these people in government from the way they speak.

    I would rather be the party of NO all by myself. No, no, no.

    I see that there are dire crises in our nation, but the answer to that is not to go off and let our great-grans pick up the tab. Better to let things collapse after you do nothing than to borrow like this, have things STILL collapse, and then owe the debt.

    Just say no! :]

    I've been looking around the website and read the "pledge." It's maybe three sentences long and contains vague generalities about education, health care and etc. But sign it, and they think you're on board with the whole enchilada in the fine print, located somewhere else I can't seem to find there. And the website is rigged up so you can express support, never outrage, to your "leaders." Kind of like old Russia where you get to vote "yes" or not at all...

    BTW, you are RIGHT about Bush. I can't tell you how mad it got me that he would expand programs to include "drugs for seniors" (read: impossible and ever-increasing expense for taxpayers) and the bailout. But I'm thinking spending-wise, Bush is pretty tame in comparison.

    I can't even get my brain around these numbers!!

    Tammy, you're talking about the GIVE act and that makes me nervous as well. Soon we will have mandatory "voluntary" services and Der Government will tell you what you are volunteering for.

    Even under Bush, I have told my boys they are NOT to sign up for the military. Mom will be very disappointed. Patrick has argued that if his country calls him, he will serve it.

    I hope that discussion never takes place. :[


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