01 March 2009

Patrick at NHD Contest

Patrick went to Truman Library in Independence for the National History Day competition. He presented his DVD about Bobby Fischer. That guy had some... language. But Patrick enjoys chess very much and wanted to find out more about him. He wishes, after doing so, that he had chosen someone else to spend so much time researching about. He also didn't figure out how to bleep out words in the interview snippets he included from Fischer, which is a bit of a problem. I'm sure D is glad it's over as it snowed AND he got lost on the way out to the competition. D returned with several photographs like this, many of which are blurry and/or cheesy.


  1. How did he do?

    My husband is famous for shots like that too.

  2. Un-posed kid shots are actually my favorite. Sometimes my kids really are cheesy! Now that he has spent time with Bobby learning how to research an interesting real person with strengths and flaws... Patrick will be able to take the skills he learned a meet anyone from the historical past.


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