10 March 2009

Teaching About Gambling.

Darren teaches kids about gambling in a California public school. "As my Algebra II students have been learning about probability, permutations, and combinations recently, games of chance are very relevant to the subject matter," he writes. "Many of the problems in our textbook have dealt with probabilities of drawing certain cards from a deck, so I've extended that to other probabilities..." Good for him! He's teaching them why the "house" usually wins without teaching the kids how to gamble or encouraging the practice. You'll want to pop by and read the whole article, complete with YOUR odds of winning at various games.


  1. Just to be clear--I'm teaching about the probabilities involved in the games, not how to bet (which is really gambling!).

  2. WOW, I did not mean to misrepresent you. I have changed the post accordingly. I guess it never occurred to me that you WOULD teach the kids how to gamble. :]

  3. No problem. I just didn't want to give anyone the opportunity to misrepresent what I do and raise a stink about it.


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