05 April 2009

Elf Book-Banning.

I'm looking forward to reading this book! It's sitting on my homeschool cabinet shelf, waiting patiently for Elf to stop being so afraid. Apparently the book has exploding chickens and elves and Elf is "deeply disturbed" about the idea. I've looked inside the book and it seems like a fun, silly escapade with fake pictures and an amazingly outlandish plotline. It seems to be a kids' book. I haven't read it yet, though. It isn't as enjoyable to read this sort of thing without at least a couple of wide-eyed children laughing and talking through it.

Elf is very upset about the book. Very, very upset. No one is allowed to read it, because the inner cover mentions exploding elves. What with his being an elf and all, he has to take a stand on the issue. Now, we pretend Emperor is a "baby giant" and that he goes to the "baby giant" factory each night to make pizza. It was one of those games where we'd make up stories about what he does during bedtime delivering pizzas to Rivendell and the Keebler Factory in exchange for cookies, but we all knew it was pretend. Emperor might even be a little embarrassed if he knew I were mentioning this game to you now, because he doesn't really play it anymore and hasn't for... oh, a long long time.

But Elf is SERIOUS about going to the Keebler factory each night. Very serious. It's a good thing this kid doesn't have internet access, or he would find out every conceivable fact about Battle Creek, Michigan, memorize the layout of the Keebler factory and... well, kinda freak the Keebler people out. They were nice and sent a keychain with Ernie on it when I told them about Elf's obsession when Elf was little. When you're three, it's cute that you think you're a Keebler Elf and help make the cookies. When Elf is 20 and looking for a job, listing the fact that he is a Keebler Elf is not going to impress potential employers.

For now at least, the book is out. I'm hoping to try again in a month or so. Elf says that we can read something a little more tame and sort of build up to it.

So we're reading Bram Stoker's Dracula. Yeah. Elf loves it because it's less scary than the exploding elves.


  1. Elf or not, that is one scarey kid! Dracula? In preference to exploding elves? Scarey. Very, very scarey.

  2. I really liked "Dracula" ... but I read it in college [smile].


  3. Kids are so funny. Katy, as most of the girls in her class and every other class, has been reading the Twilight series and the entire fifth grade it seems is obsessed with vampires and werewolves. They aren't scared of them...they love them! I don't know what it is about vampires. I was always mesmerized by vampire tales and Dracula was the one I cut my teeth on. I still love vampire tales and I loved the clever new twists and turns and fresh legends created in the Twilight series. Katy's on the next to last book. The last book takes on a kind of Rosemary's Baby slant and is even better than the first three, I think. It IS a little sexy in a chapter, though no actual sexy words are used. Max says that'll just go over Katy's head. Hmmmm. don't know about that. I'll have to see!

  4. Don't you just love the way kids' minds work.

  5. That's funny. I can't believe your son is banning a book. It's ususally the parents who say no.

  6. Ganeida, he LOVES this story so far.

    Luke, Elf needs things explained as we go, but he's enjoying the story very much.

    Anya, I have heard that that Twilight series is a really big deal!!

    Zimms, I think his mind works better than mine in some ways. :]

    DF, you would not believe the stuff this kid bans in the house. Yep!

  7. I would run with this whole elf thing. There is a lot of literature out there about elves... not exploding ones, that would tickle his fancy. There is a whole history to learn about how elves developed in popular literature

    And, it seems JRR Tolkien was quite successful while contemplating, dreaming and imagining elves.


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